Custom Deliverables

We now support custom deliverables

So far, Wire has supported deliverables where products have been uploaded beforehand, and all customers got the exact copy.

We realize some digital creators work on custom digital products (Graphics, photographs, etc.)

With this feature, you can set some of your products as custom deliverables and send them to your customer via Wire.

Note: We currently support custom URL deliverables

Product Set Up

Once you have selected a product (or variant) from the inventory, you'll be redirected to the product's page in Wire.

Choose This product has a custom text deliverable associated with it and click on 'Save.'

Based on the custom deliverable you are selling and how you have set up the store, the product to be set up as custom can be different. 

Custom deliverable is a separate SKU

- Set only that specific SKU as a custom digital deliverable

In the example below, Digital Download of Your Artwork is a separate SKU added to the cart. Only this SKU has to be set to custom deliverable.

Custom deliverable is a variant of general product

- Set only the specific variant as a custom digital deliverable

In the example below, Digital Copy is a variant of the same product. Only this variant has to be set to custom deliverable.

Standard Deliverable Format

You can create a deliverable format for us to populate against each custom deliverable line item in any order.

You can list an accessible link from storage systems like S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., with files following a format of{order_number}_{order_item_number}.png

Order Management

In the 'Orders' tab, orders with Custom Deliverable have the status 'Needs Action.'

A populated link against each line item is generated based on the deliverable format.

This is editable for any last-minute tweaks.

Once you have reviewed the custom deliverable, hit 'Send Email' to send all the custom deliverables as licensed download links.

Need further assistance? Please mail us at [email protected]