Auto Fulfilment

Learn how Wire can go beyond the delivery of your digital products with Auto Fulfilment

After your customer orders, you need to prepare and deliver the items. This process is referred to as order fulfillment. This involves packaging, shipping the items to the customer, and marking them as fulfilled for physical products. 

This process gets simplified if you sell digital products using Wire. We package your items (in a beautifully crafted email) and send them to your customer's email (with built-in retries to ensure successful delivery).

With Auto Fulfilment, Wire can also mark your items in your orders as fulfilled after successful email delivery. 

Auto Fulfilment can be enabled in Wire's preferences.


  1. We will fulfill the order only after the download email has been delivered to the customer.
  2. Only items delivered by Wire will be marked as fulfilled in any order.
  3. We will only fulfill products in an order marked as 'Digital Product or service'

This is needed to differentiate bundled products (a mix of physical and digital items sold together) from purely digital products. In addition, as it is very likely that digital products will be delivered before physical products, bundled products should only be marked fulfilled when their physical items have been delivered.

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