License Keys

You can now sell license keys as a digital product.

We understand license keys are an essential digital product sold, and we now support license keys.

Product Setup

From inventory, please search for the product and open it.

Amongst the options, you can select 'License Key.'

A text box opens to store license keys - You can copy from your existing file or type in here.

Do separate the license keys with a comma (,)

On each order, the first key unused will be shared with the customer.


The number of unused keys will be displayed against the product in inventory.

Additionally, we send you two warning emails when :

- less than ten license keys unused

- No unused license key remaining

Updating License Keys

Hit on Update Deliverable

Select 'License Key'

The text box appears to input license keys. By default, these keys will be appended to the unused license keys.

If you choose to replace all unused license keys with the new set, you can click on the checkbox for the same.

Need further assistance? Please mail us at [email protected]