Adding a digital file or text

Once you have selected a product (or variant) from the inventory, you'll be redirected to the product's page in Wire.

Choose a deliverable type

ℹ️ Update: We now support Custom Text Deliverables and license keys

Two types of deliverables can be associated with any product in Wire.

Digital file: Select this option if you are selling digital assets. This could be eBooks, applications, music, images, videos, documents, or any type of file that you can store on your computer.

If selected, a section will open up. Click on 'Add File' or drag and drop a file from your computer to this section. Then, click Upload to upload the file.

Text Content: Select this option if you sell a text value. This could be a URL (link) to a webpage, an exclusive group, a webinar, or a text - license key or coupon code.

If selected, an input box will open up. Type the text value or paste it on the input box and click save. Click Submit to save the text value.

Changing the deliverable

Once you are on a product's page in Wire, you will be presented with the details of the current file or text associated with it.

To change the file or text, click on 'Update Deliverable.' This will prompt you to select whether the new deliverable should be a file or a text value. Then, upload the new file or enter the new text value after choosing the appropriate option.

An important thing to note is that when you change the deliverable, all existing download links also serve the updated file/text.

Disabling a product

If you wish Wire to stop serving a product at any given point, you can disable it from the product's page. Files from disabled products do not consume data upload quota.

To disable a product, click on 'Disable' on the top right of a product's page in Wire.

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